Wednesday 26 February 2014

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review

Whilst shopping a few weeks ago, I happened to stumble across a M.A.C store, and immediately I was drawn in by the beautiful display of make-up. For a little while I had been contemplating buying the M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, so I asked the lady for a skin match test and that was it- I was immediately in love with the foundation, and so it came home with me!

The foundation has an SPF of 15 and is available in a wide range of colors, I purchased mine in the shade NC15. The foundation retails at a price of £21.50 and contains 1 fl oz. A reasonable price if you ask me!

The foundation is full coverage and gives a matte finish- perfect for those with combination to oily skin! Personally, my skin is fairly normal, although in the winter I do get a few dry patches around my nose and on my forehead, but before application of the foundation I applied a moisturiser and the dry patches were no longer visible!


I apply the foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush in order for the foundation to be evenly distributed, and worked into my skin flawlessly. The foundation covers all blemishes and imperfections and is great for evening out uneven skin tone or any redness that you may have, and it dries quickly leaving your skin feeling smooth as a baby's bottom! 

The foundation is very buildable and does not go cakey when applied over an area twice. The foundation is long wearing and with a little powder applied to my T-Zone I can wear this foundation for up to 10 hours- exactly what I need for a long day at college!

The only negative point that I have to say about the foundation is that it does not come with a pump, so it can get very messy if you are just applying it from a wide nozzle. Fortunately you can buy a pump to go with the foundation that retails for £4.00, personally I think that this is essential! 

Overall, I think that this is a great product for anyone who is looking to spend a little more on a foundation, it gives a flawless airbrushed looking finish and covers any small or large imperfections. The Studio Fix Fluid is a great long lasting foundation- perfect for anyone who has a long day at work or school! 

Thank you for reading lovelies, I hope this was helpful.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Olivia x 


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  5. Hi Olivia!

    I got a sample of this foundation about a month ago and thought it was so good as well! I have about 15 foundations on the go at the moment so I think I'll wait before purchasing! Haha!

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      I love this foundation, it is my go-to foundation. I would really recommend buying a full bottle when you get the chance!

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