Tuesday 11 March 2014

Tips For Keeping Your Skin Clear and Healthy

I think that us girls all long for that perfect 'air-brushed' looking skin, with no redness, blemishes or breakouts- right? Recently, my skin has been fairly calm, with little redness and hardly any breakouts, although my skin has been rather dry. So today I thought I would share with you a few tips and tricks in order to keep your skin healthy and blemish-free!
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Skin Care:

I think that it is essential to look after your skin and to have some sort of a skin-care routine. Although you don't need to spend hours doing a skin care routine in the morning and evening, but I do think that it is necessary to rinse your face in the morning and use a cleanser and moisturiser before applying any make-up. It is also as highly important that you take off your make-up at the end of a day. Personally I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, this is an easy method to take make-up off and has a multi-purpose use for the eyes, face and lips. 


Exfoliating too much can be bad for your skin as it can remove the natural oils and cause the skin irritation. Personally, I exfoliate once weekly in order to thoroughly cleanse my skin and leave it feeling smooth and fresh. Ensure that if you have sensitive skin you use a light exfoliator and not one that will be too harsh on your skin.

Maintaining a Balanced Diet: 

If you want clear, healthy skin it is important that you maintain a balanced, nutritious diet. Too many fatty, greasy foods can cause us to break out due to the lack of good nutrients within the food. A constant unhealthy diet can cause our skin irritation and so it is important that you eat clean. Make an effort to eat your 5 a day and cut out the fatty foods, your skin will thank you and you will feel much better within your self!
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Fluid Intake: 

One of the most important things for maintaining healthy, glowing skin is fluid. It is important that we drink between 6 and 8 cups of water a day in order to hydrate our skin and reduce dryness. Drinking plenty of water each day can also help to wash away toxins. If you are not someone who enjoys drinking water, try green or peppermint tea- my personal favorites! 


Exercise is so important for maintaining healthy and calm skin. Exercise helps to increase our blood flow and nourishes our skin cells- making our skin appear healthier and happier! Even gentle exercise such as a fast walk or a slow jog can help to improve our skins appearance. 

Cleaning Your Make-Up Brushes:

My final tip for keeping your skin blemish free and flawless looking is to wash your make-up brushes and sponges frequently. Make-up brushes and sponges can collect dirt particles and spread over our face if they are not washed regularly. If we have a break out, using make-up brushes may also cause contamination over the rest of the skin. Personally, I wash my brushes once a week or if I use a brush when I am having a break out, I will wash it before my next use. 

I hope that you found this helpful, let me know in the comments what your favourite skin-care tips are. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on products to use to help dry skin this would be much appreciated. 

Thank You for reading,
Olivia x 


  1. I'm glad you mentioned diet and exercise as I notice a huge difference when I eat healthy and when I don't after all there's only so much a product can do! I recently had bad eczema and a lot of dry patches i weren't pretty! I used the Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser and it made the biggest difference, along with rosehip oil x